New business opurtunity as indian govt is planning for more (cng stations).


Petrotech 2019 13th international oil and natural gas conference and exhibition.Which was organised in India (Noida) this past week.In thismeet Dharmendra Pradhan,Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas & Skill Development and Entrepreneurship,has launched the Dealer Owned Dealer Operated (DODO) model for setting up cng stations.He also released the guidelines for these scheme.

cng stations

These guidelines represent.

The earmarked dealer plot will be developed exclusively for setting up CNG stations and they allied for particular commercial activities at the discretion of CGD (City Gas Distribution) activities.


This sheme covers 87 geographical areas serviced by 23 authorised entities. After the 9th round of CGD bidding, more than 4,600 new CNG stations are expected to be set-up across India in next eight years.The 10th round of
CGD bidding will cover 50 area,124 districts spread over 14 states which accounts for 24 percent of India’s area and 18 percent of its population. After the 10th round of bidding, 53 percent of the country’s area and 70 percent of its population will have their access to CGD networks. As more and more CNG stations come up, more than 10 percent of them may be based on the DODO model.

In that event Dharmendra Pradhan said that “india should use a fuel which costs very low and also emits lower levels of pollution”.The PNGRB (Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory board) has undertaken an unprecedented expansion of the CGD network.Thus it will provide our nation with more gas pipelines being laid out, an increased production and easier availability of the gas, and last-mile connectivity for the infrastructure to provide CNG and PNG to the consumers. The minister called upon investors and private players, asking them to participate in the growth of a gas-based economy by using the opportunity provided through DODO.

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