Yamaha MT 15 price,sepcifications.

yamaha mt 15

We can say that yamaha mt15 is a different avatar for yamaha r 15.Yamaha motor cycle manufacturers are proven themselves in the market from several years.Starting from the rx100 and the list goes on RX-Z, R15 , R3, a new Yamaha generally gets people very excited. The MT-15 is one of those motorcycles.

The front-end of yamaha mt15, with those slim, white LED DRLs tucked-in like a pair of sinister eyes, and the central square element being the actual projector headlight, and thereon, it’s a snazzy design. Surely, the front-end is a bit over-aggressive, but the rest of the motorcycle is, calmer on the eyes. With the matt painted fuel tank being the only bit of painted bodywork (the rest being just matte black plastics), it looks a bit dull. The gloss back version (the only other option) looks nicer in comparison. Yamaha knows exactly how to prolong a motorcycle’s shelf life by introducing a new colour schemes and (mostly) appealing decals, so you can be sure about what the MT-15 is destined for. In addition, that extended radiator shrouds the elaborated underbelly cowl do jazz up the sides and these will prove to be popular canvasses for those who have a soft spot for stickers.

head light

This bike was showcased as an international-spec bike, the Indian MT-15 also features a single-piece seat with a prominent step between rider and pillion.The stubby, minimalist rear end does a clean upward sweep and, overall, the MT-15 makes an aggressive silhouette.It is not hard to spot the R15-sourced exhaust, although the it is designed as the MT-15’s could have, perhaps, been deserving of an underbelly unit . And moving onto the made-for-India changes. It is not a news that the MT-15 lost its USD fork on its way here but the fact is that Yamaha has substituted the expensive piece of kit with a conventional fork instead. And a different set of alloys, which have been borrowed from the R15 V3.0. These measures aretakencosidering the cost ; the original kit would have driven the prices significantly higher than the already steep Rs 1.36 lakh tag price it has.Though, is if the MT-15 still feels like a premium bike, given that we have no saddle-time as on the international version.


The yamaha mt15 fires up with the exact same busy thrum as the R15. No suprises are expected here 19.3hp is 19.3hp, and it isn’t going to make a world of a difference. If anything, you would expect from the MT-15 to be slower as it is not given that aerodynamic efficiency of the R15, although naked motorcycles heighten the sensation of speed. Just like on the R15, the MT-15 also features a 155cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC, four-valve motor featuring Yamaha’s clever Variable Valve Actuation. The variable valve actuation system, which we have elaborated on before, essentially impacts performance at either ends of the engine’s rev range and, in the real world, condition it perks up low-end performance while also aiding tractability past 8,000rpm or so. It has proven ts mettle on the R15 and there’s no reason why it can’t, be on the MT-15.

Typical for a naked motorcycle, the riding posture of yamaha mt15 makes it more aggressive. When we launch it off the line, although 14.7Nm of torque coming at 8,500rpm is to be credited for this.Yamaha has altered the final drive ratio and the MT-15 also runs a larger rear sprocket in comparison to the R15. It feels very energetic in the process of acceleration, regardless of what the numbers may say. Across the vast expanse of the BIC, but it felt like an inconsequential spec. However, the MT-15 engaged like fluid, upbeat conversation, although it didn’t come across as particularly punchy.

Specifications of yamaha mt15

Ex-showroom – DelhiRs 1.36 lakh
No of CylindersSingle-cylinder
Cubic Capacity (cc)155cc
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled
Fuel Delivery SystemFuel-injected
Max Power (hp @ rpm)19.3hp at 10,000rpm
Max Torque (nm @ rpm)14.7Nm at 8,500rpm
Power to Weight Ratio (hp/tonne)139.85hp/tonne
No of Gears6
Clutch TypeAssist and slip
Dimensions & ChassisPetrol
Weight (kg)138kg
Fuel Tank capacity (lts)10 litres
Front Brake TypeDisc
Front Brake Size (mm)282mm
Rear Brake TypeDisc
Rear Brake Size (mm)220mm disc
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Front wheel (inch)17
Front Tyre100/80
Rear wheel (inch)17
Rear Tyre140/70

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